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by Keshyx

To be honest, this is a very well done piece. The shading is good, the coloring is appealing, and it's pretty creative as well. Now for...

Alright, I saw your piece on ProjectComment so I thought I'd give you some advice. For one thing, the line work overall is alright but ...

Wow, this is a legitimately awesome picture! I love the variety of colors used and the way the glowing shards are designed, especially ...

I love the style, especially the dragons' eye, and overall feel of the picture. The linework is good, the design is nice, and the tiny ...

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*Zoom in for it to look better* Still tweaking things on my style and this time it's the linework. I'm going to stray off of using black linework and opt for using colors relatively similar to the colors used to fill them. So far, I think it looks good.:D (Big Grin) 
Bionic Bowman
*Zoom in for it to look better* Hey, just tinkering a bit with my style here. It's nice to see how it's coming along. This character in particular, I don't really have a name, character, or much of a backstory for. I just kinda drew him on a whim but, regardless, I love how he turned out.
Cloud Watching,
I'm still branching out and testing my hand at new art styles. 
Style Experiment
Just branching out a bit and trying a new style. I want to input a bit more color and vibrancy into my work and decided that this was a pretty good way to introduce that.
Just a scene that puts the mind at ease. Sorry that I've been away for so long. It was a combination of laziness, art block, and schoolwork but hopefully I can get back into the groove again. I decided to put a lot of work into this piece, taking me an approximate five hours to do. I was trying some new stuff with the hair and I'm attempting to better myself with lighting. Regardless, I hope it turned out good.
To be honest, this is a very well done piece. The shading is good, the coloring is appealing, and it's pretty creative as well. Now for things that could use some work are the texture differences. If his tails are metallic than they should give off a more shiny appearance and his glasses could have more glint as well, though I do think they're a great touch. His head is also a bit big for his body and his inner ear could use some more shading since it seems a little flat. Overall though, I think this is an awesome work of art. Keep up the good work!
Alright, I saw your piece on ProjectComment so I thought I'd give you some advice. For one thing, the line work overall is alright but it could use some touching up along the way. My suggestion would be to just take more time with it and make sure to steady your hand. Another thing is the anatomy. The things that stand out the most here are definitely her hand and face. Her right hand seems rushed and the nails take up too much of her fingers. Her eyes are off center and could be a bi more proportional to each other, her nose and mouth area could be more detailed and her facial construction seems off. I suggest using referneces to get the basic anatomy and construction down. The colorization is actually very good and the shading is alright. I especially like the shadow on the ground, thought the their could be more shading. Hope this helps you out.
The Copy Ninja
I'm kinda on a Naruto kick at the moment, especially since there's plenty of characters worth spending a few hours to draw. I've decided to commit to lighting in this style to see how it looked. With some adjustments and the right colors, I'm really happy with how it made things pop.
Hey, I was tagged by Tillie-TMB ,one of the artists I watch, to do a journal where you choose a character you created and answer as set of questions as if you were them. This kind of stuff isn't something I'd normally do, but I decided to give it a whirl. Before hand, I'd like to tag four others to give it a try. 

Well, here goes nothing. *heads up, the character I chose is known for some swearing*

1. What's your name?
- Blitzkrieg Trissius, but most just call me "Blitz."

2. Do you know why you were named that?
- Not necessarily, mostly as a reference to a war tactic. The history of my people is a dark one, but we aren't alone in that.

3. Single or Taken?
- Single, but that can change if I wanted it to. In all honesty, I'd be all over the place if my friends didn't keep an eye on me. Doesn't stop me from a little flirting though. Hey, gotta practice, right?

4. Have any abilities or powers?
- I'm a bomber man, make them myself. I've got quite the variety of them, from flash bangs, EMPs, poison gas, or just your everyday bomb. I'm not bad at being a spy either.

5. Stop being a Mary-Sue!!!
- What the hell are you going on about?

6. What is your eye color?
- Eh, purple-ish? Red-ish, maybe? Hard to tell, don't really bother with it.

7. What about hair color?
- Just black. Most of my house has dark hair. I guess when your people work with ash and soot for centuries it's bound to have that affect, eh?

8. Any family members?
- My older sister, mother and father. My families got a bit of a strain on it with my mother being from a different house. I guess you can say my sister and I are the mutts of our clan. So be it, just the cards I've been dealt, I guess.

9. Okay, how about pets?
- Are my friends part of the picture?

10. That's cool, now tell me something you dislike.
- Dirt. Or just disorganization in general. Keep your damn filth to yourself, if you don't mind.

11. Do you have any activities or hobbies you like to do.
- Besides the established flirting, sure. Bomb making's fun, if I weren't in the military, I'd be a singer since I've got the glitz and glam for it. Dancing's also a good way for me to kill time, and messing with people's heads is always fun. And when it comes to battle, taunting my enemies until their face turns red is always a good time.

12. Ever killed anyone before?
- Ooo, touchy question, but no use dodging around it. I definitely have, quite a few actually. It comes with the job.

14. What kind of animal are you?
- I'm human, last I checked.

15. Name your worst weakness.
- Hm, weird question coming from a complete stranger but you don't seem dangerous so I might as well. When it comes to fighting, I can't go head to head for long. I'm a mid range fighter meant to do damage and take out multiple people in one go, but not quick time face to face battles. A shame, really. It's a lot easier to tease your enemies when you're looking them right in the face.

16. Do you look up to anyone at all?
- My parents, of course. And as much as we argue, my older sister is a great role model to me. And don't tell those bastards I said this, but I could learn a little from my friends, in one or two, aspects of course.

18. Do you go to school?
- Been there, done that.

19. Ever want to marry and have kids some day?
- Can't say I put much thought into it. Maybe, but not for some time.

20. Do you fanboy/fangirl?
- Nope. Seems petty to me.

21. What's your favorite food?
- You can't go wrong with fine-cut, medium-rare steak with peppercorn sauce. Especially if my people are the ones cooking it. No one can cook like we can.

22. Am I annoying?
- You? Kinda, many people annoy me so you aren't alone. Don't take it too much to heart, though. Hell, the people that annoy me the most I call my closest friends. 

23. What class are you in right now?
- My rank? I'm a high class soldier.

24. How many friends do you have.
- I've got friends in every house, but the close ones, I've got about six or seven. As for the closest, two.

25. What are your thoughts on pie?
- The damn stuff gets everywhere and warm fruit makes me sick. Needless to say, I'm not a fan.

26. Favorite drinks?
- My people are pretty big on whiskey and I'm no different. I'm a couple years under the limit, but my parents aren't prudes.

27. What's your favorite place?
- Walking through the pine forests outside the Capital is a good way to relax for once. Usually I go alone, but it's nice to bring Axero and Gryphon along sometimes.

28. Are you interested in someone?
- Well, most girls are usually a no, but there's one from the clan of bird masters that I sometimes find myself thinking about.

29. Would you rather swim in a lake or an ocean?
- I'd much rather not get wet at all, but if I have to answer, an ocean.

30. What's your type?
- My type of what? If we're on the topic of relationships, then I'd say based on the one who's caught my eye, the shy, gentle kind of girl. 

32. Same or like?
- What the hell are you talking about now?

33. Camping or indoors?
- I'd rather stay inside with the plumbing.

34. Any preferred weapons?
- As much as I love the destructive power of an ordinary bomb, EMPs have to be my favorite of my arsenal.

35. Any alternate selves?
- Unless I'm on spy missions, not really. No use hiding myself from people I trust.

Well, that's it for that. It was pretty fun to express my character like that. Who knows, I might do this for the other, too.


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